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Staten Island, Suffolk & Nassau Counties, New Jersy, Pennsylvania, Connecticut + the tri-State Area

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"Very professional, accommodating, breath-taking, brought everyone to their feet with amazement. They succeeded my expectation and beyond, and especially the dance they choreographed in memory of my twin sister, brought tears to my eyes and all my guests a moment I will treasure always and NEVER forget!!!! Karen & Mark are truly #1 in their field. Anyone who is interested in hiring a Ballroom Dancers, look no further, Karen & Mark are the couple you are looking for. I would hire them again in a flash. You w/b truly HAPPY with your decision. Not only are they professional in Dancing,but, also in communication. Karen & Mark, Thank You again. I will never forget u."
- Rosalie M - Review

Exciting Dancers - Tango, Salsa, Lifts & Ballroom - for Hire

"Ballroom Dancing at Vanderbilt Museum - Mark and Karen were the highlight at the Suffolk County Vanderbilt Museum's 2013 summer night of music, dancing & entertainment under the stars. Their spirited ballroom dance performance delighted and thrilled the audience. At the Vanderbilt's annual clambake, Mark doubled as DJ and performer (along with his talented partner, Karen). Mark's ability to select just the right music to motivate guests to get up and unto their feet."
Lance Reinheimer - Executive Director - Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium - Review

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Anniversarys, Museums, Stage
Weddings, Fairs & Libraries

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"M & K were a dream come true. I was married this October 2013 and had the privilege of hiring this beautiful couple for the diner portion of my wedding. Not only were they professional but the craftsmanship and passion displayed through there dancing brought the event to a higher level. My guests are still raving about them. I highly recommend them, they are a must-have for wedding entertainment and would not hesitate to use them again. Thank you M & K Love you Karen, - Tiffany - Bride - Review"

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Ballroom, Salsa, Latin, Swing, Tango & Hustle Dancers

"Mark James and Karen Lupo's outstanding performances help to transport the audience on an imaginary visit to various countries (all over the world) through their multi-cultural celebration of dance.!"
Stephen C. Pagano - Adjunct Professor - Five Towns College - Musical Director - Hofstra Entertainment - Review
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"They were perfect! Everyone enjoyed themselves and the students that participated in the learning section really had fun. Mark and Karen are such a joy to work with!"
Shakia A - SUNY @ Old Westbury, NY (GM) - Review

Salsa Dancing - the Rhythm - 40 sec

Unchained Melody - Threater Arts - 47 sec

Hustle - Disco Dance Performance - 57 sec

Tango Argentine Show - 53 sec

Ballroom Waltz Show with Lifts - 53 sec

Harlem Nocturne - Exhibition Dance - 46 sec

40's Lindy Hop - Swing Dance - 44 sec

Salsa Heat Dance Show - 45 sec

Hustle / Disco Dance Performance - 53 sec
salsa, tango, Ballroom, swing entertainers contact
Passionate Argentine Tango - 32 sec
Straight Jacket Escape salsa dance entertainers contact
Magic - Straight Jacket Escape - 1:21
salsa, tango, lindy, Ballroom entertainers find
Sizzling Salsa Dance Performance - 50 sec
Magic Torn & Restored entertainers find
Magic - Torn & Restored - 1:59
salsa, tango, lindy, Ballroom dancers find
12 News - South America Diversity - 58 sec
salsa, tango, lindy, Ballroom entertainerment find
Sophisticated Ballroom Waltz - 35 sec

"As the owner of Stardust Dance Productions, Ltd since 2008, I have had the pleasure of working with Mark James and Karen Lupo. They are skillful performers. Their performances invoke tears, laughter, and amazement and heighten your sense of appreciation for the hard work and dedication invested in the art form we call ballroom dancing. I find I get lost in their performance as their energy is infectious and sensual and they have an intimacy in their every spin, gesture and glance."
Linda S. Gilberg – Stardust Dance Productions, Ltd - owner - Weekends & Cruises - Review

Ballroom for Everyone “M & K Dance & Magic Zone did a terrific job of inspiring the students to dance ballroom. Their skill, knowledge and patience helped to jump start our performing arts program. I highly recommend them for any school or private function."
Yvette - Educational - School Program (GS) - Review

Mark & Karen have been - FEATURED PERFORMERS

- Stardust Dance Weekends, Catskills
- New York Society of Teachers of Dance Bi-Annual Spring Banquets
----- 2005 & 2007
- Ritz - Carlton (NYC) ----- 30 year Anniversary
- Cruises in the Carribean
- World Hustle Featured Performers & Judges
- 19th Festival of Trees
----- United Cerebral Palsy of Nassau County, NY - Fundraiser - 11/07
- Disco America Featured Performers & Judges
- Port Jefferson Art's Council - Dance in Film
Lecture & Demo ----- (Dirty Dancing & Strictly Ballroom)
- Suffolk Zone - PE Conference Lecturer
- Vice president of Dance - Suffolk Zone - NYS APHPERD
- NCL Pride of America - 1st Cruise - California to Hawaii
- United States Ballroom Foundation 911 Fund Raiser
- Louis Del Prete Dance, LI
- Dance Fusion, LI
- Dance Zone, LI - New Year's Eve & Anniversary Show
- Patty & Anthony's Dance, LI
- DJ Ray's Dances, LI, NY
plus numerous corporate functions.

"Mark James and Karen Lupo have reached the pinnacle of our profession. They maintain Ballroom Dancing in the art form that it deserves. They are among a handful of colleagues that makes me proud to be a Ballroom Dance Teacher."
Alfonso Triggiani - Touch Dancing Dance Studios & TV Show –- Creator of Argentine Tango NDCA Syllabus - Review

Not to be missed “Mark and Karen are the ultimate professionals. The dance instruction and the lesson of the history of the dances presented to students was outstanding. All students were engaged and many hated to have it end."
Liz - Educational - School Program (GS) - Review

TV Performances -

- Featured Dancer on TV - PBS - Championship Ballroom Dancing
- A&E - American Castles
- Public Access - Touch Dancing - Demonstration-Hustle
- Public Access - Touch Dancing - Demonstration-Cha cha
- Connecticut Public Access - Performance - Rocky Hill
- Star Singer USA Junior - Malaysian TV Awards Show

“As the retired founder and president of Stardust Dance Productions I had many occasions to invite Mark James and Karen Lupo to perform and teach for us. - Their dance programs were always extremely well choreographed and creative, and greatly enjoyed by our audience. Because of their popularity, they were our most frequently booked dance team. - Their teaching skills were outstanding. We were always proud to have them listed as members of our dance faculty.”
Leonard Moss – founder & past president - Stardust Dance Productions, Ltd - Review

Passion and experience “Mark and Karen have both, experience and passion for what they do. They truly connect with their audiences and engage them in the magic of dance. Mark and Karen take their audiences through a magical journey in which they blend Latin history and art. I have taken high school students to not only enjoy the engaging performances of Mark and Karen but also to learn to dance themselves. With patience, technique and passion for what they do, Mark and Karen are able to successfully teach the kids how to dance some Latin rhythms such as bachata and merengue. I have been taken students to see Mark and Karen for several years and will continue to do so. I admire their dedication, their knowledge and their passion for Latin dance."
Marcela - Educational - School Program (GS) - Review


- United States National Championships
- Finalist in the Open Theatrical
- National Rising Star Theatrical Champion
- United States National Championships
- Finalist in the Open Theatrical
- 6 time American Star Ball Theatrical Champion
- 4 Time Zachary's Show Dance Champion
- 3 Time Baltimore Invitational Theatrical Champion
- Empire State Ballroom Classic Theatrical Champion
- Imperial Star Ball Theatrical Champion
- New England Imperial Theatrical Champion
- New York Dance Festival Theatrical Champion
- Imperial Star Theatrical Champion
- North Star Ball
- Rising Star Theatrical Champion
- Open Theatrical Champion
- Hustle USA - Open Cabaret Champion
- Featured Dancer on TV
- PBS - Championship Ballroom Dancing
- A&E - American Castles

“Key To A Successful Party! -Working with M&K-Dance&Magic Zone was a wonderful experience. Not only were they beautiful dancers and entertaining to watch, but Mr. James ability to engage the audience and get them to participate in the dancing made the evening a success!"
Carla Jennings - Northport Yacht Club 3/2014 - Latin American Salsa Evening - Corporate (GS) - Review

“Mesmerizing Dancing - I attended the November 2013 Stardust weekend only to see the dance team of Mark James and Karen Lupo perform. They opened with a riveting energetic, sexy salsa that left me breathless. That number was followed with a beautifully executed, romantic, flowing, melodic waltz, danced to “A Time for Us.” They ended with an emotional theater arts routine danced with intensity and passion to “Unchained Melody.” The versatility of this team is apparent by their perfect execution of such diverse dances as those performed so flawlessly at Stardust. "
Tina Rosa - Stardust Dance Weekend (GS) - Review

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“Amazing Evening enjoyed by everyone! - Mark and Karen's performance at the Riverhead Free Library was truly awesome! The show had everyone at awe with their dancing skills, moves & lifts, laughing at their wit and jokes and astonished they knew magic as well! The applaud, laughter and smiles coming from the audience was as indicator that this was an evening we will all remember."
Nancy Farmer - Riverhead Free Library 5/2014 - Program Director (GS) - Review

“As Mark James and Karen Lupo entered the dance floor, the audience could feel their energy…smooth and sensual. Then an audible gasp from the audience as Mark effortlessly lifts Karen into the air. The dance performance was the highlight of the evening, with graceful strength, emotional connection, and skillful dancing."
Nancy Marshall - Stony Brook University Dance Club - Professor, Dept of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology - Review