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The Best in Line Dancing

- 50's, 60's, 70's & All the Way to Today

Dj - Music for Luncheons, Weddings,
Anniversaries, Schools, Senior Events, Churches, Libraries, etc...
- Very Reasonable Rates -
Discounted Shows for Senior Events, etc...

Ten reasons why you should give it a try.

- - 1 -You don't need a partner although we don't mind if you bring one.

- - 2 - It's a great way to keep fit and you can put as much energy into it as you wish.

- - 3 - It helps your coordination and exercises your memory.

- - 4 - It is fun and you get to meet new friends.

- - 5 - It is for everyone from the very young to mature.

- - 6 - You can dance to Country, Pop, Rock & Roll, Chart Toppers and any kind of music you enjoy.

- - 7 - It is easy to learn and after your first dance class you will be keen to come back to learn more.

- - 8 - The dances we teach are being taught all over the World so you can show off your skills when you visit another dance class and when you go on holiday.

- - 9 - You don't need a hat, boots or anything special just a sensible pair of shoes.

- - 10 - New dances are coming out all the time so you will never get bored.

Just give it a try and you could become hooked.

We create Unforgettable parties and events.
Taking you all the way back with our old school jams perfect for any occasion.
I've been a DJ for my monthly dances for over 16 years & I'm proud to say it has been one of the
longest running dances on Long Island.
We will provide the right amount of energy and entertainment for your event with a variety of line dances and music.

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"Mark James and his dance partner Karen Lupo performed at the Vanderbilt Museum and Estate to the delight of our guests. He is a seasoned professional who knows how to entertain audiences and spark everyone's appreciation for the art of dance."
Lance Reinheimer - Executive Director - Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium

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“Key To A Successful Party! -Working with M&K-Dance&Magic Zone was a wonderful experience. Not only were they beautiful dancers and entertaining to watch, but Mr. James ability to engage the audience and get them to participate in the dancing made the evening a success!"
Carla Jennings - Northport Yacht Club 3/2014 - Latin American Salsa Evening - Corporate (GS) - Review